Vinyl Collective Podcast Episode Five Up Now!

I haven’t had a chance to listen to these quite yet, but I’m sure they’re full of goodness as usual. There is an interview with Var from No Idea Records that should be full of great vinyl talk. It clocks in around an hour, which I why I haven’t heard it myself, damn dialup internets.

Part One

Justin and Andy play songs from the Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Rx Bandits, Portugal the Man, Chris Clavin, Hot Water Music, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Able Baker Fox, Adolescents, and Bad Brains.
You will hear songs while Andy and Justin speak, the first person to correctly identify all of the Band and Song Names will win a $50 Gift Certificate. If no one correctly guesses all of the songs, we will pick one winner who got the most correct. Make sure you enter because Episode 4’s winner didn’t even come close to answering all of the songs correctly..
Andy and Justin discuss things going on at Vinyl Collective.

Part Two

I spoke with Var Thelin from No Idea Records, this was meant to be about a 5 minute call, but as I mentioned on the board, Var can talk. The episode is 51 minutes long but it is jam packed with great discussions about vinyl, No Idea, color variants, test pressings, records var would have loved to have put out, and more.


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