Sink or Swim Demos are shipping!

For anyone who was wondering what was up with the Sink Or Swim Demos released a while ago, they are shipping today and tomorrow. Here is the post Mike from devildance made via the VC message board. So hopefully everyone gets their package, hopefully I can get one without paying out my ass for it, but we’ll see. I think these guys are into what they’re doing and not out to stiff people, so we’ll see what happens, I’m still optimistic 🙂

hello everyone… its mike from devildance records. the sink or swim demos are starting to ship today. we hope to get at least half of them out today and a bunch more tomorrow. sorry its been a while getting everything sorted out and ready to go… and thanks for being patient. to everyone that though they might have not gotten one. if you got a confirmation you should be getting em… but i guess we wont be 100% until we actually pack every order. if something happens and for some reason you didnt get one… or you didnt get a confirmation… you will obviously be refunded. to geezfools… sorry for the lack of communication… but im aware of your situation, and am trying my damndest to get you a package. if it doesn’t work out i promise we will make it up to you… but i will send you a personal email about this. thanks again everyone for you patience… you wont be dissapointed.
mike/devildance records


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