punkrockmusic.com newsletter – # 1

Punkrockmusic.com is the official gaslight anthem store for your goodies. They haven’t had much in the past, but they’ve just put up a new store with some new clothing and other things. Take a look, register yourself and keep an eye out. I’ve been told they have some big things in store over the coming months. Here is their first newsletter they sent out earlier today…

This is the first run of a newsletter that we at Punkrockmusic.com hope to run once a month to inform you of the latest happenings at the site.

The best news I can share with you right now is that our new store for The Gaslight Anthem has finally arrived. Please check out http://shop.punkrockmusic.com/ and see the new stuff added. We hope to have our own versions of the band’s next release, The ’59 Sound on the August 19th release date, too. So check back with us. And I say it like you haven’t heard that the band has recorded a new album. LOL.

That’s it for now. Version 1, of Volume 1 will be short and sweet.


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