Sink Or Swim Demos update…

So still not sure if I actually secured a copy yesterday. I went through the checkout process, paid via paypal, was the forwarded back to devildance and that’s it. One receipt from paypal and nothing else, while most everyone got a receipt from paypal and devildance. I talked to someone via AIM and he says he’s checking into it. They made a post via the VC message board which makes me nervous or siked, it’s kind of vague, so hard to tell.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who pre ordered. For the most part it ran smoothly which i’m happy about. Congrats to the people who got the package deal and the limited colors you won’t be disappointed. We still need to get back to a few people about patient we will contact you sometime this week. As for pressing info we will release that sometime soon…haha i’l try to hold back as long as possible to try and reduce the idiots flipping it a week later.

More updates on shipping soon. Stay tuned.

If you missed out on the package deal, VC now has two of the colors up(for now), one which is supposed to be the tour edition, so no clue on how limited each color is at this point and devildance seems pretty intent on not letting anyone know as long as possible. Which sucks since I’m trying to figure out if I actually am getting the package deal. If not, I need to order these elsewhere and try to get all three before I’m seriously screwed and paying ebay prices from the people who did get the package from devildance.

Anyways, off my little rant now, VC has a ton of gaslight offerings right now, so pick up what you want/need/are missing and support those guys!


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