Sink Or Swim 3rd Press update…

Ordered up the clear Senor/Queen copies yesterday from No Idea. Asked whoever was on the phone about the upcoming third press since they seem to be the ones in charge of the press these days. Anyways, the guy told me they had to change plants because the place in the Czech Republic is super behind schedule, like a month or two. So they got the plates shipped back to the US and are having another plant do them. I’m hoping they do this right and do solid colors and not the classic No Idea colors(shades and mixes and no real solid colors, lol). I mean, I like the surprises, but makes it tough tracking down the colors. Either way, siked to see what we get. He said it could be up to a month, but most likely sooner. I wouldn’t expect these in until early August, but I’ll obviously be hoping for sooner. He also mentioned it would be at least two colors, but nowhere near six or anything.
Right now you can still preorder these through VC and No Idea if you haven’t picked up a copy yet.


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