The ’59 Sound vinyl update…

So today was the big day for all you vinyl getters. Two different sites, three different colors and a tshirt. What did you get? I noticed the blue copies on sideone up about 2-3 hours early, but the iPhone was moving a little slow and couldn’t complete the order fast enough. So I get home, waiting patiently, watching it build up on VC. 12:00 rolls around and I’m doing my thing on VC, everything is smooth. I’m on dialup, so if it was slow, I wouldn’t know. Get my white and black copies. As I’m doing this, I’m trying to log into the sideone site to get my blue copy. No such luck. I tried for almost 2 hours and at this point, we all know we killed the site, yeah! I ended up hitting the river to float on some tubes. Get back out hours later to see it will be going up tomorrow, which is a small issue since I’ll be working, but I should have access to the internets. So tomorrow at noon pacific time, visit to order your blue copy and free shirt. These should last a little longer than the white ones, which only lasted about 90 minutes or so, so be on the ball or you’re paying ebay prices. Good Luck, we’ll need it!


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